Would You Give Up Your Personal Information for a Cookie?



“Would you give up your personal information for a cookie?” That’s a question recently asked by artist Risa Puno, who conducted an experiment offering people a cookie in exchange for their personal data. This data included names, addresses, driver’s license numbers, mother’s maiden names, social security numbers and even fingerprints, reported www.techtimes.com.

“It is crazy what people were willing to give me,” Puno told Beckett. Puno, an artist, managed to collect some measure of sensitive information for 380 people at an arts festival in Brooklyn, stated www.smithsonianmag.com.

More than half of the people allowed Puno to take their photographs. Just under half—or 162 people—gave what they said were the last four digits of their Social Security numbers. And about one-third—117 people—allowed her to take their fingerprints. She examined people’s driver’s licenses to verify some of the information they provided, according to www.psmag.com.

As Puno points out, the folks who happily gave her their data may not have thought through the full implications. “People called those questions ‘easy points,’” she told ProPublica. “They didn’t recognize them as security questions, or they didn’t care‚ but that’s how people ‘hack’ into celebrity iClouds, by guessing their security questions,” reported www.consumerist.com.

“That to me was baffling,” she told ProPublica. “If I were thinking about giving away my information, I wasn’t giving away more than I had to.”