London’s Red Phone Boxes Go Green

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For a design competition one of London’s famous red telephone boxes has been painted green and has been transformed into a solar powered charging station. It’s called Solarbox. The first Solarbox kiosks were unveiled on Oct.1 in the Tottenham Court Road area of London, stated

The Solarbox was designed by graduates Harold Craston and Kirsty Kenney from the London School of Economics. Their invention won them a spot in a mentorship scheme in the Mayor’s Low Carbon Entrepreneur competition and $8,000. Solarbox has chargers for Samsung, Blackberry and Iphones 4, 5, and 6. It can power 100 devices a day using the solar panel on the roof, stated CNN News.

Craston and Kenney wanted to use their interest in renewable energy to provide a service that people would really need. “Phone battery life just can’t keep up the pace with our modern daily lives,” said Kirsty Kenney. “By using solar power and repurposing old phone boxes we have been able to provide a real solution in an environmentally friendly way she explained.

According to CNN news, Solarbox is not the only unused phone box that has been transformed into a whole new creation.  Sydney and New York have been trying to turn redundant telephone boxes into free Wi-Fi hotspots.