Cheap But Chic: New Year’s Day DIY Ideas


Now that Christmas and Hanukah are over it is time to “ring in the new year” with fresh and festive decorations. We here at the Cheap and Chic research center have you covered with  DIYs you can use to decorate for a New Year’s party or a solo celebration.


Decorative Baubles

The materials you will need are styrofoam balls, multiple colored string, a paper clip, pins and gold or other colored sequins.

Step One:

Unfold the paper clip then fold it in the middle.

Step Two:

 Cut a piece of string, then make a loop and tie it at the end.

Step Three:

Put the loop through the paper clip and push it into the top of the styrofoam ball until secure.

Step Four:

 Completely cover the ball with sequins by by pushing them in individually with pins and hang. 


Golden Year Sign

All you need to make this is cardboard, a (golden) tinsel door curtain, glue, scissors, and numbers printed on paper.

Step One:

 Trace the printed numbers on the cardboard and cut them out.

Step Two:

 Put glue on the cardboard numbers and wrap the tinsel door curtain around the numbers over the glue. Continue this process until completely covered.

Secure the numbers to the ceiling with tacks or tape.


Paper Tassels

The items you will need to make this is tissue paper, paper clips, scissors, and string.


Step One:

Fold the tissue paper and cut in wavy shape pattern of equal lengths.

Step Two:

Starting at the top of the paper,  Roll all those lengths of paper together.

Step Three

Hold the lengths of paper together with a paper clip and continue this process until you have the number of tassels that you desire.

Step Four

Thread the string through the paper clip and hang  the tassels on a length of rope to string across a mantle or across a wall.