Cheap But Chic: Winter Celebration Gift Ideas You Must Try


We all know there are many religious celebrations in December. Some include Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and Christmas.

That day has come. You don’t have any gift ideas. Here at Cheap But Chic, we have some gift ideas for you to try.


-painted glass bottle menorah-

These painted menorah bottles are perfect for this Hanukkah. Take six small bottles and paint them white. Then take one big bottle and paint it white. Lastly, take seven blue candles and lightly stick them in the top.


-Kwanzaa bracelet-

This beautiful bracelet is the perfect gift for Kwanzaa. Make it out of 3 green beads, 3 red beads, and 2 black beads. You will also need some kind of  thin leather or string to tie it all together.


-homemade snow globes-

This homemade snow globe is just the right gift for Christmas. The materials you would need include some kind of snow, a mason jar, and a Christmas tree.

For bigger mason jars, you could add some presents and maybe even Santa. You are also going to need water.

First, Open the Mason Jar. Glue Christmas tree to the inside of the Mason Jar lid.

Second, add snow to the bottom of the Mason Jar.

Lastly, add the water to the Mason Jar. Close the jar and hot glue it shut. Shake it up and enjoy.