6 Last Minute Halloween Costumes


  1. Bat- Cut up an old cheap umbrella that you have lying around and pair it with a black jacket. Cut the umbrella into wings and ears. Hot glue the parts onto the jacket. enviromom.com
  1. Cactus- Grab a green jacket and some green sweatpants. Cut up some straws and glue them in various places.   inventorspot.com
  1. Candy Crush- Grab a t-shirt that’s a bright colorful. Buy some candy and put it in a bag. Crush it with a hammer. Hot clue the candy to the shirt and then you’re candy crush!huffingtonpost.com
  1. Identity theft- Take just a normal t shirt. Buy about 20 name tags and write different names on all of them. Stick them around in different places. sadanduseless.com
  1. Where’s Waldo?- Grab some blue jeans, a red and white stripped shirt and beanie. gcmag.org
  1. Nerd- Get a pair of denim jeans and cuff the end of them pretty high to about the mid shin. A work shirt or a stripped shirt is need preferably with a collar. Tuck the shirt into the jeans. Bright solid colored suspenders can be attached to the jeans but make sure they’re tight. Pair the shirt with a bow tie and some goofy glasses. If the shirt has a pocket, stuff some pens and pencils in it. For girls, put your hair into piggy tails or two braids. For guys, Gel your hair all to one side and make sure it looks slick. This is just an option but get some goofy teeth and your nerd outfit is complete! pintrest.com