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Shout out to Mrs. Perez

Sophia Bouyakzan, Layout Editor

November 20, 2014

To: Mrs. Perez Name: Sophia Bouyakzan Message: Mrs. Perez, you are a fantastic teacher! I appreciate all the hard work you put into Language Arts and of course Newspaper! You make me work hard and have fun at the sam...

Shout Out to Mr. Kish

Catie Mullner

November 19, 2014

To: Mr. Kish From: Catie Mullner Message:   Thanks for being an awesome teacher!

Shoutout to Mr. Spoonhower

Delaney Durham, Editor in Chief

November 19, 2014

To: Mr. Spoonhower From: Riley Loudon You are a very good educator and are always very funny.

Shoutout to Mrs. Watson

Delaney Durham, Editor In Chief

November 19, 2014

To: Mrs. Watson From: Zach Colton Thanks for another spectacular marching season Mrs. Watson!!!

Shout Out to Mrs. Perez

Ricky Lane

November 19, 2014

To Mrs. Perez From:  Ricky Lane Message:  I just wanted to say that mrs. Perez I a great teacher and has great teaching techniques. She is one of my favorite teachers ever. She makes class very interesting and fun while...

Shoutout to Mr. Spoonhower

Ashley Ko, Photo Editor

November 19, 2014

To: Mr. Spoonhower From: Ashley Ko Thank you for all the hard work you do!

Shout Out to Mrs. Gaitan

Shaylah Winder

November 19, 2014

To: Mrs. Gaitan From: Shaylah Winder Message: Mrs. Gaitan, thank you for teaching me. I have learned a lot and enjoy being in your class!

Shout out to Mrs.Perez

Jessica Kierulff

November 19, 2014

To: Mrs.Perez From: Jessica Kierulff Message: Mrs. Perez I just wanted to tell you that I have had an amazing time in your class so far this year and I can't wait for what's to come.

Shout out to Mr. Seitz

Marissa Berridge

November 19, 2014

To:  Mr. Seitz From: Marissa Berridge Message: Thank you for letting our class enter in the essay contest. I am excited to enter and possibly win money.

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