BYMS Hires Brandon Olivia As New Campus Supervisor

BYMS Hires Brandon Olivia As New Campus Supervisor

During the last quarter, BYMS has continuously worked and searched to hire a new campus supervisor. Brandon Olivia was accepted as the new campus supervisor a couple of months back and has some goals set in mind for his new position.

“One of my goals, in light of current situations around the world, is to keep the students safe.” He also added that his other goals consist of having great relationships with students in order to have a productive school year he mentioned in an interview with the Matador Messenger.

Brandon graduated from Garden Grove High School in 2014 and soon after he began working with the Walt Disney Company for four years. While at Disney, Brandon said that he learned true safety skills as well as communication skills. Brandon is then inspired by his middle school supervisors. He explained that “They were always there for me as students and were very good at creating a positive atmosphere”.

As a campus supervisor, Mr. Olivia, or Brandon as he prefers to be called by students and staff is mostly responsible for making sure the campus is always safe. He also runs errands for the office, making sure to close all campus gates, and helping students stay in class. His job primarily revolves around all the students and making sure they are doing okay.

Brandon believes that he will encounter a few challenges in this school year, especially this year since he started in late May. One top challenge he has is getting to know the students well at least by their first name by the end of the school year.

Outside of work at BYMS, Brandon enjoys playing video games, especially Call of Duty, League of Legends, and FIFA. He also loves to play soccer and that has been his biggest passion for a long time, supporting Manchester City. “I have lived and breathed the sport as long as I have been alive.”