BYMS Places Third Overall in Science Olympiad

BYMS Places Third Overall in Science Olympiad

Bernardo Yorba Middle school (BYMS) competed in the 2022 Science Olympiad on May 7th against 15 other schools. Magnolia Science Academy Santa Ana placed first, and second place went to Magnolia Science Academy 8. BYMS competed in Anatomy and Physiology, Food Science, Experimental Design, Disease Detective, Ornithology, Solar System, and Write it Cad it. “Mrs. Park and I were so excited to hear the results and we were incredibly proud of our students who worked really hard to prepare for the competition. Considering it was our first year ever taking part in Science Olympiad, I think BYMS did AMAZING!” stated Mrs. Sohn.

In an interview with the Matador Messenger, Mrs. Park stated that when she and Mrs. Sohn first heard that our school would be competing in Science Olympiad, “Mrs. Sohn and I were nervous because it was our first time participating in it, but at the same time, we were so excited for our students to have the opportunity to participate in Science Olympiad.” 

On May 16th, the results were released; BYMS placed 3rd in the Anatomy and Physiology, and Experimental design, 2nd in Disease detectives, Food Science, and Ornithology and 1st in Write it CAD it. 7th grader Jack O’Brien exclaimed he was very happy with the results, “Me and my partner placed 2nd in our category given how many schools that could have done better than us.” Additionally, Lelin Sun expressed her elatement to the results, “I was greatly astonished when I saw that Bernardo Yorba Middle School got second place in Ornithology. While watching the results I was sitting so close to the edge of my seat that I nearly toppled off my stool. Generally, it was a joy to participate in Science Olympiad.“

Many of the Science Olympiad members felt honored and overjoyed when they were selected to partake in the competition. Mckenzie Grimes, a 7th grader who competed in Experimental Design, stated in an interview, “When I was selected to compete, I was really excited. I had no idea what was in store for me or my teammates when it came to competition day. Just the fact that I was selected lifted my spirits. Before this year, I had never heard of the Science Olympiad, so I was eager to learn more about it.” 

When asked what the most rewarding part of participating in Science Olympiad was, some members responded that it was the challenge of it, others responded that it was learning about the categories they chose to study. 

In an interview with the Matador Messenger, Erica Zhang described the challenges we faced in Science Olympiad, saying, “ It was really challenging for me because I was actually on the Disease Detectives team, and decided to join Anatomy & Physiology later on. However, the times for the competition overlapped and I had to make a choice between Disease Detectives and Anatomy. I’ve been studying Disease Detectives for over a month but didn’t start learning Anatomy until five days before the competition. I made a risky decision to drop out of Disease Detectives to do Anatomy instead, because I couldn’t do both because of the overlapping competition time. Anatomy and Physiology was also what interested me more, so I wanted to go with what I was more interested in doing than something I didn’t enjoy.” 

Another Science Olympiad participant, Shaurya Nangare, explained that the most challenging part for her was the competition itself. The questions she received were quite difficult and there was a time limit.

Mrs. Sohn stated “the most memorable part of participating in Science Olympiad was watching our teams prepare during lunch times, watching the groups compete on competition day, and seeing everyone’s reaction when we shared the results.”

Overall, most of the participants had a very enjoyable experience and an amazing opportunity to compete in Science Olympiad.