BYMS String Orchestra, Performing Band, and Jazz Band Perform at PYLUSD Area Night Concerts

Mrs. Crecia, performing arts director: “All of our groups (Orchestra, Performing Band, and Jazz Band) did a phenomenal job and could not have represented Bernardo Yorba MS in a better fashion.”

BYMS String Orchestra, Performing Band, and Jazz Band Perform at PYLUSD Area Night Concerts

Bernardo Yorba Middle School String Orchestra, Performing Band, and Jazz Band performed at two Area Night Concerts showcasing all PYLUSD orchestras, elementary school through high school. 


Six Area Night concerts were held throughout the week of April 25-April 29. BYMS performed on April 25 and April 27.


In an interview with the Matador Messenger, Vishva Darji, a seventh-grade bassist in the BYMS orchestra, stated, “I thought the concert was a great learning experience. I got the chance to see the different levels of music.” She also said, “Personally, I thought that I did well, but I did feel a little nervous about playing in front of so many people.” 


Another orchestra and jazz band student, Rebecca Olivarria, who is in eighth grade and plays cello, mentioned, “It was fun to hear the elementary schoolers play, we got to see what our future students can do!” Additionally, orchestra violinist Yoyo Cao said that the concert was “a refreshing experience to see other schools play.” Furthermore, she stated, “I thought that the concerts were really cool, and I enjoyed the high school and middle school performances a lot. ”


In an email to the music students, Mrs. Crecia, the BYMS performing arts teacher, stated, “I had so many other music educators, high school students, and parents from other schools go out of their way to come up to me to express their astonishment at how our groups are sounding after the past couple of years.” 


Zachary Zadah, a member of the band, orchestra, and jazz band, said, “My favorite pieces for each area night were ‘Orpheus in the Underworld’ and ‘Escalator Blues’ just because of how challenging they are.”

Throughout the night, Mrs. Crecia noted that the most asked question was, “How did you get them to sound this great?”, as she said in an interview with the Matador Messenger.  “My response always is, The kids made this happen.’