BYMS ASB Hosts Anti-Bullying Assembly

BYMS ASB Hosts Anti-Bullying Assembly

On April 4th, 2022, BYMS held an Anti-Bullying Assembly that guided students to face and solve the problems associated with bullying.


“This was the first time that we had a whole school assembly in the MPR since I have been here,” Mrs. Fisher, the principal of BYMS, said in an interview with the Matador Messenger.


The motivation for Mrs. Fisher to establish this assembly is to let students realize the importance and how harmful bullying is. She trusts that the students have to know the real meaning of bully, including the answer to the question, “… What are some of the issues we are facing as a community and (what do we do since) we are given the opportunity to … solve it together?”


“In my opinion,” Megan Wang, an 8th-grade student explained, “bullying is harsh words, actions, or objects that are meant to be hurtful.”


“I think that the anti-bullying assembly helped me by informing me about bullying in our community and how bullying affects us, ” Megan mentioned.


Megan said that she learned that “… bullying can lead to much more serious reactions than intended…”.


Stephanie Rivera, another 8th grader, added in an interview with the Matador Messenger, “I learned that if you are getting bullied, you should immediately talk to any trusted adults before you make it a habit for the bullies to pick on you and even other victims.” 


In Stephanie’s point of view, bullying, or teasing is “…an excuse to get all of your anger out on someone that hasn’t done anything wrong to you.”


 Mrs. Fisher said that some advice she would like to give to students is, “This all comes down to the golden rule – Do unto others as you want to do to yourself, and everyone has worth and value.”