2022 Science Olympiad: “Exploring the World of Science”

2022 Science Olympiad: “Exploring the World of Science”

The Southern California Science Olympiad is set to take place this Saturday (May 7, 2022) in a virtual format where students from BYMS will be competing against other schools in various districts.  All team members representing BYMS have worked extremely hard, training and preparing for the 2022 Science Olympiad.

“Our mission is to host exciting competitive tournaments and professional development workshops that showcase innovative STEM content to students and teachers throughout the United States, ” states the Science Olympiad official website.

BYMS decided to compete in the Science Olympiad, “to showcase our students’ strengths in STEM and Science concepts,” said Mrs. Sohn in an interview with Matador Messenger

The whole Science Department, including Mrs. Sohn, Ms. Carpenter, and Mrs. Park have been guiding and preparing students for the competition. “This is our first year, so as coaches, we are also learning the logistics of teaming students up for events and how to pace the practices and lessons,” said Mrs. Sohn.

According to Mrs. Park …”some of the lesson releases were delayed, so each topic did not get the same amount of time to study.”  Regardless, she reminds students to, “believe in your preparation and in yourself! You can do more than you think!”

The 2022 Aerospace Science Olympiad competition topics involve: Bio-Process Lab, Experimental Design, Rocks and Minerals, Omithology, Food Science, Codebusters, Diseases Detectives, Write it CAD it, Anatomy and Physiology, Solar System, and Self-Submission: Digital Structures.

The Science Olympiad members representing our school include the following: 

Eighth graders: Eric Alfaro, Ethan Hu, Cynthia Lan, Shaurya Nangare, Roya Starr, and Erica Zhang.

Seventh graders:

Athan Alota, Ashely Chau, William Danaher, Vishva Darji, McKenzie Grimes, Zhitao Huang, Emily Lu, Jack O’Brien, Lelin Sun, and Kiyone Tsuchida.

To prepare for the event, Kiyone Tsuchida, BYMS seventh grader, has been taking notes on her topic and watching the videos provided by Science Olympiad. “I have many pages of notes that will hopefully help me out during the event,” she mentioned in an interview with the Matador Messenger.

Her partner McKenzie Grimes has prepared  “writing several pages of notes from 15-20 minute videos for our category.” As for some advice, Mckenzie reminds her teammates to not overthink it. “This event is made for people who share an interest in science to come together and do what they love.”

BYMS eighth grader, Shaurya Nangare, member of the “solar system” team, has similarly been training by writing notes for her topic. “Some advice I can give to my fellow teammates is maybe to take as many notes as you can so it will help you during the tournament;  but not too much because you can only use one piece of paper as a cheat sheet.”

As for some advice, Kiyone reminds her teammates to try their best and not stress about end results. “…as long as you understand the topic that you are covering, ranking doesn’t matter.”

McKenzie Grimes also advises her teammates to not overthink it. “This event is made for people who share an interest in science to come together and do what they love.”

Science Olympiad is a  ”.. great opportunity to challenge yourself through competitions, practice working in teams, and to explore different science topics, ” explained Mrs. Park.

BYMS wishes all participants the best as they prepare to compete and represent our school.