Mr. Seitz Elects Jesilyn Martinez for AVID Student of the Week

Mr. Seitz Elects Jesilyn Martinez for AVID Student of the Week

Jesilyne Martinez is an eighth-grader who was elected as student of the week by Mr. Seitz for his eighth-grade AVID class. 


Initially, Jesilyne’s reaction to being chosen for student of the week was, “I didn’t know this was an option to have so really I was surprised.” She also stated that she was very honored to have been chosen.  Jesilyne specifically remarked, “I enjoy presenting in class.” She says she enjoys presenting because public speaking helps her with talking in large crowds. When asked what activities she finds challenging in her AVID class, Jesilyne responded, “In this class, I find my three-column notes quite challenging, these are something we do to help others with homework.” 


Jesilyne was asked what she appreciates most about Mr. Seitz, and she was quick to reply,  “I like the way my teacher is flexible with grading.” She also enjoys that, “This class is definitely not one of the classes I worry about.” When Jesilyne has free time, she says she enjoys listening to music, drawing, hanging out with her friends, and talking to her sister. 


Mr. Seitz wanted to add some of the skills that make Jesilyne stand out and why he thinks this student is a role model. “Jesilyne is a model AVID student. She participates well, contributes to class discussions, and is prepared each day,” states Mr. Sietz. He was asked to give a brief description of a project or assignment Jesilyne has demonstrated excellence and his response was, “She was selected as the BYMS 8th-grade AVID standout.” He also added, “…She has been invited to an awareness assembly at Angels stadium and to be recognized at a school board meeting.”  


Congratulations to Jesilyne Martinez, for being selected as student of the week for Mr. Seitz’s 8th-grade AVID class.