High School Counselors Come to BYMS to Talk With Eighth Graders

High School Counselors Come to BYMS to Talk With Eighth Graders

School counselors from Esperanza High School and Yorba Linda High School visited BYMS to register eighth-grade students into their ninth-grade classes and answer questions on April 25, 2022.


These counselors sat in the hall of the 600 building and took in their respective students’ elective forms. Students could also ask the counselors questions regarding high school life. Additionally, eighth-grade students received a presentation about what to expect in high school before spring break. 


In an interview with the Matador Messenger, the Esperanza High School counselor Danielle Paris stated, “Students then have the opportunity to attend our Aztec Experience Night with their parents to visit our campus and meet with the teachers/coaches from our many programs and academies. Later that month, students will meet individually with their assigned counselor to register for their classes.”


Many eighth-graders are excited yet worried about high school. Aditya Bhagat, an eighth-grader, mentioned, “I think that high school is going to be very fun and nerve-racking at the same time.” 


Furthermore, some eighth graders are scared to leave close friends behind. Rebecca Olivarria, another eighth-grader, said, “I am very excited for high school, though I will miss my friends dearly.” 


While high school may be scary to some, counselors encourage students to always talk to them about their concerns. Danielle Paris explained, “Don’t be worried, it’s normal to feel a little nervous! Esperanza offers a place for everyone. We are here to help you, so once you get on campus and if you are feeling a bit overwhelmed, please let us know. ” 


Moreover, the counselor Nancy Coulter from Yorba Linda High School added, “My advice is to hit the ground running. The key to success is having a positive attitude about school, turning in all your homework, and having good attendance. Get involved in something whether it be sports, art, clubs, etc.”