Esperanza and Yorba Linda High School: Pathways, Clubs, and Electives to Look Forward To

Esperanza and Yorba Linda High School: Pathways, Clubs, and Electives to Look Forward To

Most individuals dream of high school, from the football games to the big exams to the formal dances and then finally senior graduation. The next 4 years will be the most unforgettable ones. With the 2021- 2022 school year soon ending, eighth-graders have a variety of clubs, activities, and academics to look forward to. 


Our district’s four comprehensive high schools offer a range of academics and programs set to prepare each student for the future and the career they hope to pursue. Ranging from the MBA Academy at Yorba Linda High School to the Medical Sciences Academy over at Esperanza. 


Most students here at Bernardo Yorba Middle School will end up attending Yorba Linda or Esperanza High School, depending on the area in which the students live. Through school choice transfer, students also had the opportunity to transfer to a school of their choice under any zoned area.


As of now, eighth-graders should know what high school they will attend. This week, counselors from both high schools registered all incoming freshmen for classes in the fall. Any questions can be emailed to the student’s counselor.


To start, Yorba Linda High School offers a core of academics and electives unique programs, including the Mustang Business Academy. YLHS describes the MBA as “a unique course of study designed especially for students with an interest in and aptitude for Business and Management.” This program unique to only Yorba Linda aims to prepare students for college and careers. Some things to benefit from the Mustang Business Academy include earning an MBA diploma, gaining hands-on experience in the career focus, and earning industry-recognized certifications. 


Yorba Linda also has a variety of arts to offer, including Band and Choir, Dance, Orchestra, Photography, theater, and visual arts. 


ACEing Autism, Saving Our Planet, Future Doctors of America, and Social Empowerment are just some of the very many clubs to join at YLHS. If interested, students are welcome to start their own. Some Athletics to consider joining may include Softball, Lacrosse, Football, Baseball, and Soccer all depending on the availability of the season. YLHS has so much else to offer and helps students get involved more and more. To learn more, visit Yorba Linda High School’s website under the Athletics Homepage.


Those not attending Yorba Linda will most likely be in attendance for Esperanza High School. EHS offers a variety of Programs and Electives that will enrich the interest of all students. The Aztec Engineering Manufacturing Academy and the Aztec Medical Academy are two of the major programs offered at Esperanza. 


In the Aztec Engineering Manufacturing Academy, students can gain hands-on experience in a variety of engineering and manufacturing careers. This academy includes the use of industry software & technology and much more. 


In the Aztec Medical Sciences Academy, students will learn basic medical terminology, body systems, vital signs, infection control, CPR, professionalism, and much more in the first year. The next pathway is Medical Careers 2, a UC elective class that includes Pathophysiology (diseases related to the body systems).


“Medical Careers 3 (Medical Assisting Back Office), is our capstone class. This is a class for seniors who have completed either MC 1 or MC 2. Students will be able to perform MA skills including venipuncture, ECG, and injections,” stated Mrs. Easton, the Medical Sciences Academy teacher at Esperanza, as reported on the Esperanza Medical Academy’s Website


Esperanza also offers a variety of other programs besides the two main academies, including the Air Force JROTC Academy, ABC Teacher Pathway, Culinary Pathway, Graphic Design Pathway, and the Computer Science Pathway


One elective offered at Esperanza is Newspaper, also known as journalism, under the category of fine arts. The class not only covers the basics of journalism and the style of writing but how to show the profession while interviewing people. 


In an interview with the Matador Messenger, Mr. Perez, the newspaper teacher at Esperanza, states his favorite part of teaching the newspaper class is “… the flexibility and the creativity the students have, and they can kind of design the articles based on their interests and creativity.”


Just like Yorba Linda, Esperanza also offers a variety of clubs and athletics unique to every student. Both high schools work to include diverse programs to include all students with different interests. 


Whether going to Yorba Linda High School or Esperanza or any school out of the district’s boundaries, high school experiences will be one of the most memorable times.