BYMS Leaderships Establishes Students’ Store

BYMS Leaderships Establishes Students Store

The BYMS student store officially opened on Wednesday, March 30, 2022. Promoted by Leadership, Students can use OLÉ cards to buy certain products every Wednesday at lunch beside the BYMS office.


In an interview with the Matador Messenger, Ms. Cherchian explained, “The student store is something that we know a lot of other schools –  especially middle schools – do, and we realized: ‘You know what? Why doesn’t Bernardo Yorba Middle School have one?” So it’s something that our peer leadership students really took on with a passion and they did such a good job from designing to bringing their vision to life, to actually running the student store.” 


Ms. Cherchian added, “It’s also a way to utilize those OLÉ tickets, which I’m sure a lot of students are excited about.” 


Teachers give students OLÉ tickets when they see students following expectations, exhibiting good character, and treating peers, staff, and school with kindness. 


Ms. Cherchian believes that the school merchandise is always the most interesting because “…it’s an opportunity for students to represent our school in so many cool ways.” 


According to Vivian Lin, an 8th-grade student, the most exciting item to her is the run day pass. “‘OLÉ’ stands for Outstanding Leadership Example, and the run day pass represents that we use our leadership to exchange with the hard 1-mile run. This is undoubtedly glad tidings for the majority of students.”

Even Mrs. Perez, a newspaper and ELA teacher, remarked on this when she was asked how she feels about leadership opening the student store. “ I think that it is wonderful that Leadership is sponsoring a student store on campus. I remember having the student store when I was in junior high, and it was super convenient for students to purchase pencils, pens, papers when they needed them.” 


Mrs. Fisher, the principal of BYMS, mentioned, “So far the PBIS store has been popular among students. It validates the ways students show examples of how they Own, Lead, and Empower.” She stated that the students who are running the student store can greatly “contribute to positive school culture.”


The products include:


  • 1 OLÉ card – 3 Small Pieces of Candies
  • 1 OLÉ card – 3 Pieces of Red Vines
  • 1 OLÉ card – Water
  • 3 OLÉ cards – Chips
  • 3 OLÉ cards – Sparkling Water
  • 3 OLÉ cards – Cookies
  • 4 OLÉ cards – Big Candy


  • 1 OLÉ card – Pencil
  • 2 OLÉ cards – Pen
  • 2 OLÉ cards – Small Toys
  • 4 OLÉ cards – Notebook
  • 7 OLÉ cards – Earphones

School Merch

  • 2 OLÉ cards – Masks
  • 2 OLÉ cards – Stickers
  • 5 OLÉ cards – Keychains
  • 15 OLÉ cards – Socks
  • 15 OLÉ cards – Hat
  • 20 OLÉ cards – T-shirts
  • 20 OLÉ cards – Drawstring Bag

Experience Tickets

  • 30 OLÉ cards – A Run Day Pass
  • 30 OLÉ cards – A Front of the Line Pass