Mrs. Torres: “Movement is Medicine”

Mrs. Torres: “Movement is Medicine”

For Mrs. Dianne Torres, teaching PE in middle school is more than a job. It is an opportunity to teach her students that “Movement is medicine for creating change in a person’s physical, emotional, and mental states”, a philosophy expressed by Carol Welch, a biosomatics expert, and trainer.


  Torres has been teaching and coaching at BYMS since 2018, having previously taught at Valadez Middle School for ten years, and Kreamer Middle School for two years. She attended Cal State Fullerton, earning a bachelor’s science degree in kinesiology, followed by a single subject teaching credential in physical education. In addition to teaching 7/8 combination PE classes, Torres has also coached the BYMS track, cross country, and volleyball teams in preparation for district-wide competitions sponsored by the Reach Foundation. 


“My favorite part of teaching is being able to play games, being outside and other students being able to help students learn different activities outside,” states Mrs. Torres. She also says how students participating in physical education activities in opportunities to learn more about her students and try out new things. Torres believes that learning to understand activities outside is important, and she enjoys teaching her students new games and activities for not only exercise but enjoyment as well.


While Torres enjoys teaching her students, there can be some difficulties that get in the way of it. According to Mrs. Torres, “Struggles of teaching PE include the amount of students and the availability of equipment.” The large amounts of students in PE can cause shortages in equipment or essential supplies that would be usually needed for PE classes. Much of the PE equipment breaks over time and replacements are needed frequently, which can also be seen as one of the major struggles of PE.


Many of Mrs. Torres’ students appreciate her teaching and her ways of teaching. According to one of her students, Blake Jacobsen, “I really like how she makes everything competitive even though we are in middle school and there are still some things you don’t want to try, and I love how she branches it off and we can have our own game.” Leslie Ledesma quotes, “She is really nice and if you don’t get something correct she is willing to explain it to you and she’s very patient,” and Hussain Alkabi says, “She is really friendly and understanding.”


While not teaching on campus, Torres likes to “spend time and hang out with family,” and she also enjoys traveling a lot. Torres likes to spend as much time with her family as she can, and she always loves family hangouts or gatherings.


Some advice that Mrs. Torres would like to give to her students who are struggling in PE or are wanting to become successful is to, “Always put in your best effort and always try, even if it is an activity that you already know that you don’t like, you hate, or you’re not good at, always put in your best effort.”


Mrs. Torres hopes that she can help her students understand the importance of outside exercise. If there is one thing she would want them to know, however, it would be to always put in their best effort and try as hard as they can.