Ms. Carpenters Selects 8th Grader McKenzie Anderson as Student of the Week


Ms. Carpenter selected eighth-grader McKenzie Anderson as Student of the Week for Science.


McKenzie said she was very excited and proud of herself when she found out that she was chosen for student of the week for science. She also stated that she felt that she wasn’t good at science, but through hard work and determination she was able to become a student of the week.


In an interview with the Matador Messenger, Ms. Carpenter highlighted McKenzie’s kindness, saying, “Kenzie is kind to everyone, she models good classroom behavior, is always polite, and starts each day by saying good morning to me, which always makes me smile.”


Ms. Carpenter also explained that McKenzie does well academically. McKenzie accumulated a very high score on a recent science test, which was one way she stood out to Ms. Carpenter. McKenzie also is an “exemplary student”. She persistently demonstrates diligence and perseverance. 

“Some activities I especially enjoy in this class are doing experiments and doing labs in 

class,” stated McKenzie; however, “doing models and understanding waves and frequencies”can be challenging for her. Nevertheless, McKenzie works hard to learn and improve her skills in science.


McKenzie appreciates how Ms. Carpenter “is so understanding and determined for her students to understand and learn.” 


Outside of school, McKenzie participates in volleyball, babysitting, and hanging out with her friends.