In SCBOA Festival, BYMS String Orchestra and Performing Band Score a “Superior” and “Excellent”

In SCBOA Festival, BYMS String Orchestra and Performing Band Score a Superior and Excellent

On March 29 and 30th, the BYMS Performing Band and String Orchestra participated in the SCSBOA Festival. The band scored an “excellent”, while the orchestra scored a “superior”. 

Groups in the SCSBOA must play a minimum of two pieces, or a piece with multiple movements that is significantly long, in order to receive a rating. The SCSBOA does have a list of pieces to play from, but it is not required that those pieces are preformed

The SCSBOA scoring system has 5 grades, the highest being superior, followed by excellent, good, fair, and poor. Musicians are judged on the following standards:

  • tone quality (clarity of the sound)
  • intonation (accuracy of the note’s pitch)
  • blend/balance (making sure the volume and tone are appropriate and work within all the sections)
  • fundamentals (rhythm, articulation, and technique)
  • musicianship (how the students interpret the music)

In an interview with the Matador Messenger, Mrs. Crecia stated, “I am OVER THE MOON with both ensemble’s accomplishments this past week! Walking away with an “Excellent” with the band and a “Superior” ranking from the orchestra shows that all of our work really paid off, and I hope that every student in both groups is as proud as I am.” 

Mrs. Crecia believes that both groups of musicians have greatly advanced from the beginning of the year and accomplished much. These students have demonstrated a lot of hard work and dedication to their instrument, and it has definitely paid off.