A Sub to Appreciate: Mr. C

A Sub to Appreciate: Mr. C

Mr.  C is an amazing substitute teacher who combines fun with learning. Mr. C enjoys filling in for teachers for a variety of different subjects like ELA and Science. Additionally, he enjoys getting to know the teachers at the school.

Before Mr. C taught at Bernardo, he taught 100% on Zoom at Buena Vista High School. He joined the BeYorba community during the hybrid (half on zoom and half in-person) period. Mr. C says one of the challenges of teaching over Zoom was using Zoom itself because of all the technical difficulties.

 In an interview with the Matador Messenger, Mr. C described his educational background, saying, “I went straight through High School and started college that same Summer. I went to the University of Southern California for 1 Summer semester. I then attended El Camino Community College in Torrance, CA in the Fall. Two years later, I transferred to California State University at Long Beach and later graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology. Several years later, I went to National University and received my Master of Arts in Education and California Teaching Credential.”

Outside of being a substitute, Mr. C writes books; so far he has written two children’s books and is currently working on another. He enjoys watching Nexflix and Hallmark movies. Mr. C also has 5 daughters who are very successful. “One is a lawyer, one a nurse, and one a businesswoman”, stated Mr. C in an interview with the Matador Messenger.

Teachers and students at Bernardo appreciate how, “you can count on him for anything,” as Mr. Kish said. Mr. Maes also remarked, “He has a can-do and will-do attitude.” 7th grader June Kim said, “All the times I’ve had Mr. C as my substitute teacher, he’s been nice and patient with the class.” 

7th graders Collin Shen and Athan Alota highlighted Mr. C’s kindness and patience. “I think that Mr. C is a nice and an extremely funny person”, explained Collin. Athan stated, “Mr. C is very kind and communicates well with students. He makes sure that we are all on task and likes to quiz us on what we are learning to make sure that we understand. He is a great sub! “

One quote Mr. C finds meaningful is, “Amor y pesetas y tiempo para gastarlas,” which translates to, “love and money and the time to enjoy them.” He received this quote from his father.