Mrs. Masone Selects 8th Grader Katherine Farer as Student of the Week

Mrs. Masone Selects 8th Grader Katherine Farer as Student of the Week

Eighth grader, Katherine Farer, was selected as Student of the Week for photography by Mrs. Masone.


Katherine’s initial reaction to being chosen was “happy and excited”.


In an interview with the Matador Messenger, Ms. Masone highlighted how, “Katherine shines in 1st period photography as a model student by participating in class discussion, producing exemplary projects, and sharing ideas with fellow peers to help guide and inspire them! Katherine always comes to class with a positive attitude and energy that fills the room. Katherine is a leader.”


Katherine appreciates Mrs. Masone’s activities, as well as how she explains and teaches photography in a fun manner.  


A few ways Katherine shone in photography was in her projects about forced perspective and double exposure. Mrs. Masone also states, “She went above and beyond her required assignments by entering in the Yorba Linda Public Library Contest. She was able to work with her sister (AP student at Yorba Linda HS) to take the photo and represent the theme, Golden Hour.”


One activity that Katherine finds challenging is working with Photopea, a website used to edit photos. In an interview with the Matador Messenger, Katherine explained the challenges of using Photopea. “I find this challenging because most of the time it takes very slow to use and remembering the icons are a bit challenging,” she said. Although some assignments might be difficult for Katherine, Mrs. Masone said that she is always optimistic and perseveres.


Outside of school, Katherine plays soccer and volleyball and enjoys painting while listening to music.


Katherine shows quality work and strives for success. Her ability to help and motivate her peers and promote the same in them is what makes her an outstanding role model.