BYMS Hosts On-Campus Superbowl

BYMS Hosts On-Campus Superbowl

With the addition of the new BYMS supervisor Phil Streeter, came the creation of the Bernardo Flag Football League. With the help of their campus supervisor and janitor, students were able to experience an in-school super bowl of flag football.

Flag football originated in military bases during the early 1940’s where it was the original game of football. But to secure safety, they would pull flags around the waist instead of a contact sport. This sport allowed for some fun football games as an alternative to tackle football. Nowadays, schools play flag football and it is very popular around the world. Approximately 7 million people have participated in flag football, and that number will keep growing.

The BYMS flag football tournament started with seven teams, which started before winter break as preseason games. The tournament continued as Phil and Jack, the custodian, kept track of the team wins to see who will play in the championship. Although all teams were fantastic, two teams stood out, eventually leading to a great super bowl. The super bowl was between two teams, the “Nutter Butters” and the “Bills Mafia”. Both won all of their games, but only one came out on top.

The game started with both teams running onto the field. Nutter Butters was led by Owen Smith, Brady Pastian, Onassis Lim, Logan Aspgren, Kanen Stiles, Leo Tinoco, Jordan Mccormack, Jonah Tanner, and Michael Saucedo. The opposing team, Bills Mafia, was led by Eddie Matthews, Dominic De la Torre, Cayden Pina, Joseph Fields, Jacob Vickers, Dylan Rynsburger, Angel Valdez, Tungsten Dearte, and Davian Franco. The game started on February 25 at lunch on the BYMS field. Both teams played amazingly, with only a 2 point deficit. 

Once lunch concluded, it was clear. The Bills Mafia had come up on top and the crowd was thrilled. The game that they had been waiting for was finally over. Congratulations to the leader of Bill’s Mafia, Eddward Earl Mathews the Third, and the rest of the Bill’s Mafia team.