Movement is the Source of All Life: 2022 Track And Field Meet in Process

Movement is the Source of All Life: 2022 Track And Field Meet in Process

BYMS 2022’s Track and Field meet is in the process! The track meet will start on Wednesday, May 11th at 3 pm at Yorba Linda High School.


Mrs. Arroyo, Mrs. Torres, Mrs. Villasenor are coaching the BYMS Track and Field team with 80+ students participating in it.


BYMS’s Track & Field practice directions are in the following: 7th/8th girls and boys who are running the 4×100 and 4×200 relay will have practice every Monday at bleachers by the track, starting on March 7th.


After March 1st, field practice starts after school till 4:15 p.m. Field events and other running events include shot put, long jump, 100-meter dash, 200-meter dash, and the 1-mile run, and will have practice every Tuesday and Thursday on the bleachers.


“As a student who is participating in track and field…” Sanjana Sawant, an 8th-grade student who participates in the 100-meter dash and long jump said, “…I believe it is a great way for students to engage in sports after school. It allows students to show their true talent. When at practice, there is an exciting atmosphere. Everyone is really encouraging and full of spirit.”


A 7th grader Olivia Pachon stated, “I am kind of excited and scared for the meet itself. I think it will be fun and the people there are fun to practice with but I suppose I am just a little bit scared of competing.” She will participate in the 100-meter run, shot put, and 100-meter relay. She chose each event because she considers herself decently fast for the 100-meter run and chose the shot put because she thought it would be fun.


“Have fun!” Mrs. Torres wants to tell all the students who will participate in the Track meet to have fun, enjoy the hard work they put in.


Wish the athletes to surpass themselves and achieve better results through their efforts. And hope that through this activity, young people can improve sports awareness. Have a good physique and have the courage to overcome difficulties. Be strong, be safe.