Math Department Student of the Week

Math Department  Student of the Week

8th grade student Michael Saucedo in Mr. Pham’s class and Nikki Dorsmam in Ms. Degraffs class were two of the four students to be chosen for Student of the Week for math at Bernardo Yorba Middle School. 


Michael Sausedo is “always bringing a positive and energetic attitude to class,” and “ participates well and contributes to the fun of learning math,” says Mr. Pham. He also “completes all his assignments and finishes all his work.” Michael is thought out to “have traits of a leader, he is definitely a role model for other students.” Michael’s initial reaction to being chosen for student of the week in Mr. Pham’s class for math was, “Nice!” Michael’s hobbies outside of school are playing football. Michael found that Mr. Pham is “really nice”, and is a “10/10 teacher.”


Nikki Dorsman is “always helping others, she is kind and always has a good attitude.” says Ms. Degraff.  “Nikki demonstrates excellence daily in math ,she isn’t afraid to try hard math related assignments.” When Nikki was asked what her initial reaction to being chosen was, she said, “I was surprised because I didn’t know much about Student of the Week.” She found that the most challenging part of Ms. Degraff’s class was that she taught very different from her previous teachers. Nikki “appreciates that Ms. Degraff always has activities and examples for the things we are learning.” 


Nikki’s at home activities/hobbies are,  “ playing soccer outside of school, but I love playing all sports and I am willing to play any of them with my friends or siblings.” Ms. Degraff says that she is always engaged in activities and helping others.