Angelina Saavedra Elected as Student of the Week for Vocal Music/Choir

Angelina Saavedra Elected as Student of the Week for Vocal Music/Choir

Choir instructor Mrs. Crecia selected eighth grader Angelina Saavedra as student of the week for choir.


In an interview with the Matador Messenger, Angelina stated that she initially felt in “awe and happy to find out that I was chosen.”


Mrs. Crecia explains the great qualities of Angelina when she states, “One of the best qualities Angelina has is her attitude during our rehearsals. She is the type to bring positive energy to our choir every time she walks into our classroom. Whenever one of our members is having difficulties learning a song or writing down the appropriate notes, Angelina always tries to help the best way possible! Another great quality of hers is her work ethic! She practices a great deal at home and arrives in our class prepared to improve in her own technique and improve as an ensemble.”


Mrs. Crecia describes Angelina as a role model. Mrs. Crecia states that she takes every opportunity and has volunteered numerous times: “she has frequently volunteered to help assist during our warm-up stretches to demonstrate how to properly stretch and guide the class with verbal instructions. She has also been a good role model with her ability to commit to whichever role she is “playing”. She pushes the limits of expression through singing and is not scared to make mistakes! That alone is the best type of role model for any musician – bravery to make mistakes to grow!


One example of Angelina pushing the “limits of expression through singing” is during a Flipgrid assignment. Mrs. Crecia highlights how Angelina completed the assignment with hard work and effort as it may “be torturous to some”. Angelina perseveres in the improvement of her singing skills. “It was properly recorded and I believe she made the best out of this activity by rewatching the video to find ways she can further improve her singing skills,” says Mrs. Crecia.


Angelina stated that one of the most challenging activities for her was figuring out the key signature. 


Angelina appreciates “Mrs. Crecia’s energy and passion for the choir”; she loves learning new things, singing, and playing new music. Angelina also enjoys going on walks and playing volleyball outside of school.