BYMS Hosts a Spring See’s Candy Fundraiser

BYMS Hosts a Spring See’s Candy Fundraiser

On March 2nd, 2022, students received a “See’s Candies” 2022 Spring Fundraising flyer, promoting BYMS and the PTA.  


Students can turn in checks (payable to BYMS PTA) to the BYMS office starting on March 3rd. 


Families and students can choose from a variety of candies, including: 

  • 1Ib Nuts & Chews #40334 for $26.50
  • 1Ib Assorted Chocolates #40318 for $26.50
  • 1Ib 8 oz Peanut Brittle #355 for $27.00
  • 1Ib 5 oz Assorted Lollypops #296 for $27.00
  • 1Ib Toffee-ettes #316 for $26.50
  • 3 oz Peanut Butter Egg #9499 for $8.50
  • 3 oz Chocolate Butter Egg #9500 for $8.50
  • 3 oz Bordeaux Egg #9501 for $$8.50
  • 3.5 oz Happy Surprise Box #8693 for $9.50
  • 3.4 oz Marshmallow & Scotchmallow Eggs #9493 for $8.50


BYMS Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) helps “…support the awards and achievement events for teachers and students, as well as assemblies, spirit parties, Reflections Art contest, school library, book fair, and upgrading school technology and updating the MPR.”


According to the See’s Candy Fundraising website, funds raised are collected to help build sports teams, provide school supplies to those in need, and support school field trips. Monte Verde Elementary, a school in PYLUSD, says, “Our See’s fundraiser was an amazing experience and we far exceeded our goal! We now have new books, toys, listening chairs, quiet tents, and other special supplies that our kids need.”


Funds for the fundraiser are due in the front office by March 18. Please make sure checks are payable to the BYMS PTA!