BYMS Ranked Second Best Middle School in the District


US News and Report has ranked Bernardo Yorba Middle School as the second-best middle school in the district.     

BYMS has worked very hard to achieve this goal. Mrs. Fisher, BYMS principal, notes, “We were able to achieve this due to a good culture and very good, professional teachers. We also have very good academics. We have the best academics in science and math out of all the middle schools in the PYLUSD school district, as well as having second-highest academics in English.”  This is part of the reason how we achieved this goal.

Mrs. Fisher says that our teachers taught incredibly different than they have in the past years, and that has helped BYMS reach this goal. Kraemer, the highest-ranked middle school in PYLUSD, has more students than BYMS and is a GATE magnet school. Mrs. Fisher credits this fact to their higher rank. However, this doesn’t discourage her; she says, “Matadors made it happen!

It is more than evident that BYMS is deserving of their rank; we have great teachers and fantastic academics.