BYMS Art Teacher Mrs. Massone Hosts a Holiday Chalk Art Contest

BYMS Art Teacher Mrs. Massone Hosts a Holiday Chalk Art Contest

From December 12th to the 13th, Bernardos own Mrs Massone hosts a holiday-themed chalk art contest for all BYMS students to take part in. 


The holiday chalk art contest is an annual event at Bernardo Yorba. 7th and 8th graders can design and create holiday-themed chalk art for it to be judged by the students of Bernardo. 


There were 14 entrees overall, with at least 1 or more people in their group. This event took place during break and lunch, next to the BYMS library. 


Judging was held on December 17 for other students to vote. They could do this by accessing a google form, choosing their top 3 favourite creations. There were a variety of chalk art designs to choose from, such as holiday-themed cartoon characters, scenery, and or animals. The BYMS video production announced the winners on January 7th.


First-place winners were 8th graders, Serena Boyden and Kylie Kuo. Second place winners were 7th graders: Lesley Ledesma, Yasmin Espino, Sharon Nayyer, Lexie Meza, and Sophia Gonzalez. Last, the third-place winners include Sadie Smith and Karli Leifeste.


Kylie Kuo and Serena Boyden were the first-place winners for this contest, and they did not expect to win at first. “When we found out, we thought that we got second or third and were extremely surprised when we found out we got first.” Kylie states. Serena and Kylie didn’t have any inspiration, but they figured many people prefer Disney.


“I find the medium and type of art interesting, as ALL people can view it—you don’t have to enter a gallery or museum.” Mrs Massone expressed. Her chief inspiration to make this contest was David Zinn. David Zinn is a street and visual artist who illustrates imaginary creatures. “The beauty of the art is temporary—enjoying the artwork with a time limit gives a sense of suspense and simple pleasure.”