Mr Roach: “Success is Progress”

For Mr. Roach, BYMS physical education teacher, every day is joyful. He enjoys working with students and seeing them achieve their goals in PE and life at Bernardo Yorba Middle School.

“I love being around young people like yourselves,” mentioned Mr. Roach in an interview with Matador Messenger. “You guys are a lot of fun. You guys make me laugh every day, and I love being outside and having fun.” One thing he certainly enjoys about being a physical education teacher is that every year, he has a student who can always make him laugh. 

Mr. Roach also added he feels rewarded when he watches every student get better at physical education.  “…something like volleyball, it wasn’t great, but you guys all improved so that’s absolutely a reward for me.” However, he also acknowledged the challenges that come with his job. When he looks at his students’ growth, he views it as getting better at something. He also says that even if it is a small jump, it is still an improvement, which makes him happy. 

Believe it or not, Mr. Roach has not always desired to be a PE teacher or even a teacher. His dream was originally to be a professional soccer player. He played for Cal State Fullerton and thought he would be able to be a part of the  MLS, a professional league here in the United States. However, he blew his knee out and his goal couldn’t be reached. Since then, he started coaching, and that’s when he found his love for teaching. 

With large classes, “upwards of 40-50” once in a while, equipment will break or get ruined and some things are hard to replace, explained Mr. Roach. When it comes to PE equipment, a lot of the time there can be shortages, which can sometimes create struggles for the teachers and students. “We do our best to maintain enough equipment”, says Roach.

Roach likes spending time teaching his students about working with their bodies. He states, “I thoroughly enjoy being a PE teacher; I love that I get to be outdoors, I love that I get to work with young people, and I love sharing my knowledge of physical activity with young people.”

Eighth-grader Alexander Bartolo says, “I really like the fact that he gives us all tough love because it helps us all get in shape and tells us what we need to do.”

Many students state that they enjoy Mr. Roach’s ways of teaching. Eighth-grader Hallie Jones quotes, “I like how he is hard-working and pushes us to the best we can do.” Seventh-grader Daniel Franco says, “I appreciate how he’s always pushing us to our limits and how he knows what we can do and can’t do.”

Outside the classroom, Mr. Roach loves spending his free time with his wife, two kids, and three dogs. He is a big sports fan and enjoys watching his son who is also involved in many sports. Roach loves being outdoors in general but during the summer he likes to go to the beach, where he enjoys surfing. 

“Success is progress”, a quote that helps him guide his teaching. He tries to get all his students to understand this quote, and believe that success is not perfection, but progress through something instead. “If you’re getting better, that’s a success. You don’t have to be perfect at something. As long as you’re getting better.”