Sama Bayoumy Selected as Student of the Week for Video Productions


“Sama is very kind, motivated, goes above and beyond on project’s and video announcements, and is a team player!” In an interview with the Matador Messenger, Mrs. Masone elected Sama Bayoumy as the student of the week for video productions.

Sama was very happy and surprised. She loves the class and stated “I like how it’s a teamwork type of thing and that we get to go out and film and talk to new people.

Ms. Masone also describes Sama as “showcasing excellence in her acting and pre-production, production and post-production stages. She implements new skills in Wevideo and turns in her work on time!”

Although Sama achieves excellence in the class, she does find the editing factor of it challenging. Where she states “I was editor and I didn’t know how to edit but I learned and now I’m good at it.

Sama also appreciates Ms. Masone’s work. She states “I love how she is really chill and understanding and helps you to finish your video in any way she can.”

Masone also loves Sama’s ability to be a team player as “she strives for the best and asks fellow peers and friends to participate in videos!”

Congratulations to Sama Bayoumy for winning Video Productions student of the week for BYMS.