Competitive Roller Skater, Seven Ferko, Twists, Turns, and Jumps Her Way Into Success

Competitive Roller Skater, Seven Ferko, Twists, Turns, and Jumps Her Way Into Success

Amongst the vast varieties of sports, the students of Bernardo Yorba Middle School compete and play in, none are as unique as the sport seventh-grader  Seven Ferko plays. Seven competes in roller skating competitions.


Seven started at the age of 10, just two years ago. “My grandma got me roller skates and I liked roller skating so much that I wanted to take lessons and then I started competing…Roller skating was a fun sport and I started teaching myself how to do some tricks,” she stated in an interview with the Matador Messenger.  


Her usual training consists of practicing routines, jumps, spins, and other complex tricks, three days a week. Of the many competitions Seven has competed in, some of her proudest achievements are her second-place medal in her first-ever competition, and when she competed in Bakersfield winning first place in two events. 


Competitive roller skating is a sport similar to figure skating, but instead of ice skates, competitors use roller skates. Contestants will perform impressively difficult spins, turns, and jumps in order to score points. Skates can compete in a number or categories such as Singles, Pairs, Figures, Solo Dance, Team Dance, Precision, or Show skating.


“Roller figure skating demands that its skaters combine a careful balance of precision, strength, and artistry into a single, impressive performance. The results are as spectacular to witness as they are to perform, and they demonstrate a mastery of the sport in all its intricacy,” stated


Seven enjoys the competitive nature of her sport, especially winning medals for her performances. She is currently training for a competition that takes place in February 2022 in Las Vegas, Nevada.