David Cho Selected by Mrs. Villasenor for ELD’s Student of the Week


Seventh-grader David Cho was chosen student of the week for December 13-17th by Mrs. Villasenor for ELD. ELD is a program offered at schools for students to become bilingual and learn English.

In an interview with the Matador Messenger, Mrs. Villasenor stated that “David comes to class ready and prepared. He is constantly providing input to class conversations and turns in great work. He is creative in his responses and always wears a smile, even behind the mask”.

In order to exit from ELD, the class uses an “online platform -Writable – to complete ELPAC practice,” said Mrs. Villasenor, “the ELPAC is the language assessment test ELD students take each year” to test into reclassifying to grade 7 or 8 English Language Arts.

At first, David didn’t really know what student of the week was or how he was chosen. David says that his “…goal is to pass the ELPAC.” He appreciates Mrs. Villasenor because “she always helps students”. David says that he enjoys “…watching movies…” in class “because it was fun”. Outside of school, David likes to play soccer.

Mrs. Villasenor also adds that David “completes his assignments on time…” and that “he provides help to others in class and always has a positive outlook”.