Mrs. Villasenor: “I Love Teaching and Seeing My Students Embrace A New Language and Culture”


Mrs. Villasenor, Spanish, ELD, and volleyball coach at BYMS, works to ensure that her students feel safe and supported in her classroom. Villasenor also has a special connection with BYMS as she previously worked since 2016 as an attendance clerk and secretary to Mr. Maes, BYMS assistant principal, before taking a leave to student teach at Esperanza High School. 

“Moving from working in the office to my classroom has been a great transition. I feel fully supported and surrounded by a great work family and amazing students,” Mrs. Villasenor explained in an interview with the Matador Messenger.

Before becoming a teacher here at BYMS Mrs. Villasenor taught Spanish 2 and Spanish 4 at Esperanza High School where she completed her teaching assignment. She achieved her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Spanish from the University of Arizona, then received her teaching credential from National University.

She is in the process of completing her Master’s in Education through National University.  Mrs.Villasenor’s grandmother was her inspiration to become a teacher. “She always pushed me to be the best that I could be and always ensured to correct my Spanish anytime I said something incorrectly.”

Outside of the classroom, she enjoys: “spending time with my family, crafting and binge-watching tv shows and movies.” “I like going on vacation, camping, and the beach as well,” she also mentioned.

Mrs. Villasenor’s biggest goal for her students, “is to help bridge the learning gap from last year’s distancing learning.” However, she also wants to make sure they have fun doing so. 

The biggest reward for Mrs.Villasenor in teaching is seeing the smiles that come across the student’s faces. “I love teaching and seeing my students embrace a new language and culture.” 

Hannah Brady, a Spanish 1B student in Mrs.Villasenor’s class appreciates the way Mrs.Villasenor teaches. “…Mrs. Villasenor uses a variety of ways to learn and improve our Spanish. She also decorates the room very well and I enjoy doing Ponte Las Pilas every day. Mrs. Villasenor also does a great job of preparing us for any upcoming test or quiz.” She stated in an interview with the Matador Messenger.

“I appreciate that Mrs. Villasenor is always making sure we are always prepared to do our best,” stated BYMS eighth-grader, Eleanna Gonzalez, another student in Mrs.Villasenor’s Spanish class. She added, “…She is really thoughtful and patient, she understands how difficult learning a new language is, and she considers the fact that we have a lot of work in other classes.”

As for some advice to be successful at BYMS, Mrs.Villasenor added, “Always ask for help! Never be embarrassed to ask questions, we teachers will always be here for you to help you better learn and understand.”