Interesting Facts about Jack

Interesting Facts about Jack

“There are people who you encounter in your life that you will never forget. Jack is one of those people for me,” stated Mrs. Beth Fisher, BYMS Principal. “Jack has strong character, a good work ethic, and is student focused.”

Jack Powell, BYMS Plant Manager, has been a part of the PYLUSD family for 26 years and has been at BYMS since 2016. Not only is he in charge of keeping the campus clean and functioning, but he also is a mentor with many students, and has built many connections with the staff.

Outside of working at the school, he has many interesting hobbies, one being his favorite sport, golf. “If you’re an athlete in one sport, you’re an athlete in all sports,” Jack said.

Another being how he loves to cook Italian food, but he isn’t afraid of mixing flavors, as he told us he marinates a steak with a can of Pepsi. He is a big fan of football, and one of his favorite teams is the Raiders. He also enjoys the baseball team the Giants, and the hockey team the LA Kings.

Speaking of sports, at lunch you can sometimes find him playing football with the students. James DiMaggio, a student here at BYMS, said “He’s fun to play football with.” We asked other students what they thought about Jack, and all of them had positive ideas about him…

Svea Hazlet said, “[Jack] is always friendly and has a good relationship with the students.” Eddie Mathew said, “He interacts with a lot of the students and he plays football with us.”

Mrs. Perez stated, “Jack does so much for our school, beyond what is required in terms of his day to day tasks as plant manager. He connects with students and teachers in a way that is positive, and thoughtful. I have always enjoyed our conversations and I believe that Jack is truly a team member that makes our school special.”