Bernardo’s 2021 Halloween Costume Contest

Bernardo’s 2021 Halloween Costume Contest

Bernardo’s Halloween Costume Contest was sure a fright. On October 29, 2021, Bernardo held a costume contest for all students to voluntarily take part in.


On October 29th, Bernardo held its 2021 Halloween costume contest. It lasted from 1:05 P.M.-1:35 P.. Bernardo’s ASB teacher, Ms. Cherchian, organized and made the contest happen. In the interview with Ms. Cherchian, she was asked, “What was your opinion on the costume contest?” In her responses, she stated, “There were a lot of smiles, and that it went well.” Another one of her responses was “There were a lot of interesting costumes.” She also said that she noticed that almost everyone took part.


Another question that Ms. Cherchian was asked was, “Was there any difficulty organizing or setting up the contest?” She stated that there were only a couple of worries in the setting up part. They worried the speakers would not be loud enough for people to hear. Also, they could not decide where to set up the stage and speakers.


The contest categories were the scariest, cutest, group, funniest, and most creative. Each category had its winner. The winners were Chesley Chy for the Scariest, Kaylee Crete for the Cutest, Diego Guerrero for the Funniest, Rebecca Olivarria for the most creative, Gael Guerrero, and Donavan Harmen, Elliott Large, Logan Wolt, and Nicholas Korte for the best group costume. For each winner was a prize.


After interviewing some teachers and students, there has been an agreement on one thing: everyone was having fun, smiling, laughing, and having a good time.