7th Grader Nisreen Al-Khatib Selected as Student of the Week for Science

7th Grader Nisreen Al-Khatib Selected as Student of the Week for Science

Nisreen Al-Khatib, seventh-grader, was selected by Mrs. Park as Science student of the week on November 30th at Bernardo Yorba Middle School. 

“She is a role model for others through her kindness, her ability to bring her group members together to complete investigations while giving all students opportunities, and also through her general approach to learning (she engages and she takes ownership)”, states Mrs. Park, in an interview with the Matador Messenger.

Mrs. Park highlights Nisreen’s “above and beyond effort” and how she “ takes ownership of / and pride in her learning,’

Nisreen, who was surprised to hear that she was chosen as student of the week, at first, didn’t even know what it was. 

“I had no idea what ‘student of the week’ was. However, once it was explained to me I was very excited to be picked,” says Nisreen. “I really enjoy the experiments we conduct. It is always very fascinating to me to watch what happens.”

Nisreen states that one challenging activity for her in this class was when they were using the concept of matter to figure out where gas in a bath bomb was coming from. This was challenging for Nisreen because she didn’t quite understand that matter could be rearranged.

What Nisreen appreciates most about Mrs. Park is that she takes the time to answer all her questions in a detailed and understandable way. This is what helps Nisreen a lot in science, she adds.

Mrs. Park says “Nisreen completed a CER (claim-evidence-reasoning). Given a question, she had to pick a claim and use evidence from the investigations we’ve conducted to support her claim in her reasoning. She was very thorough in indicating her pieces of evidence using actual data she had collected during our labs and she was able to use that data to support her claim. Her response was not only thorough, but she also showed that she was able to make connections/apply what she learned.”

Outside of school Nisreen enjoys horseback riding as a sport and likes to read, draw, and craft during her free time.