BYMS Performs at the 45th Annual PYLUSD Band Pageant

BYMS Performs at the 45th Annual PYLUSD Band Pageant

On November 10th, 2021, Valencia High School hosted the 45th annual PYLUSD band pageant. All the high schools and middle schools in the PYLUSD district’s marching band and color guard performed at Valencia High School in the Bradford Stadium. 

The Band Pageant included each of the middle and high schools in PYLUSD. The middle schools that participated include Travis Ranch, Tuffree, Kraemer, Yorba Linda, Valadez, and, of course, Bernardo Yorba. The high schools that performed at the pageant include and for the high schools. The pageant included Valencia, Yorba Linda, Esperanza, and El Dorado high schools.

At the beginning of the pageant, each school marched around the track and lined up on the football field. The color guard presented their flag routine while the band played their instruments, marching together in synchronization. After this, the schools came together to perform the songs “Star-Spangled Banner” and “Sounds of Sousa”. The high school drums performed “District Drumline” while the high schools prepared for the field show and the middle schools sat down off to the sides.

Up first for the field show was El Dorado High School. Their show’s name was “Incantation”. The songs that they performed were, “Can’t Get You Out of My Head”, “Incantation”, “I Put a Spell on You”, “No One to Know One” and “Now We Are Free”. Their soloists were Spencer Mar on the trombone and Johnathan Marchese playing the flute.

After El Dorado came to Esperanza with their show being named “Broken Windows and Empty Hallways”. They played “Rain”, “And So It Goes”, and “Happy Thoughts”. Both Esperanza and El Dorado seemed to go for a spooky theme, but it depends on the opinion to say if they got that effect. Their soloist was McKenna Snyder who performed in the color guard. 

Next up was Valencia High School. The Valencia field show included many themes from the “Magnificent Seven”. Unlike the other schools, Valencia had 5 soloists. Their names were Abigail Hinojales, Justice Andersen, Dylan Chen, Jeff Lee, and Eric Kim. Valencia High School used multiple props, including a desert background with a horse and a stereotypical Western town to go along with their songs from the movie “Magnificent Seven”

The last school to perform was Yorba Linda High School. They played multiple selections from “The Sound Of Musical”, a classic musical. They also used props including a picture of a girl from “The Sound Of Music” jumping in front of a mountain background. Their soloists included Jered Baloloy and Evelyn Franco on the trumpet and Megan Chou and Katie Rosen, who were both a part of the color guard.

“After a year off due to the pandemic PYLUSD is excited to present the bands, auxiliaries, and entertainment units from each of our middle schools and high schools”, states Dr. Jim Elsasser, superintendent of PYLUSD. “Tonight’s event and the many other activities our students participate in would not be possible without the work of so many. The extraordinary effort on the part of students, music teachers, parent volunteers, band directors, support staff, maintenance department, district staff, and transportation personnel help to make this event a reality.” All the high schools and middle schools performed wonderfully on this special day, presenting their dedicated performance and hard work.