Spanish Student of the Week: Mrs. Villaseñor Recognizes 8th grader Svea Hazlett as a “Diligent and Prepared” Student


A Bernardo Yorba Middle School student, Svea Hazlett, an 8th grader, was chosen as a student of the week for the week of November 8th to November 12th in Mrs. Villaseñor’s Spanish 1B class.

“She has a positive attitude in class and always uplifts and encourages her classmates,” said Mrs. Villaseñor in an interview with the Matador Messenger. 

Svea also appreciates that her “teacher is very patient and supportive of the class as she understands that learning a new language can be difficult at times.” 

Early in the year, Svea and a partner made an outstanding script and performance for the class. She scored 100% on the end-of-unit test, and she “…demonstrated a great understanding of likes, dislikes, and personality traits in the target language.”

Outside of school, Svea enjoys, “playing soccer, going to the beach, and spending time with friends and family.”

When asked about how Svea was doing in class, Mrs. Villaseñor responded, “Svea always comes to class prepared and ready to dive into Spanish.” Svea puts in great effort and she is a very hardworking student.

Mrs. Villaseñor says that Svea is “encouraging” and “uplifting”. She is thrilled to watch Svea grow throughout the year, and Svea is “… happy and proud…” of herself for this accomplishment.