BYMS Welcomes Phil Streeter to Their Staff

BYMS Welcomes Phil Streeter to Their Staff


BYMS has signed a new supervisor on campus this first quarter  The new campus supervisor, Phil Streeter, entered his first day on campus on Sunday, October 22. 

Streeter was originally employed at Maple Paine Elementary school for two years working in the special education department. Although he enjoyed his time there he is very excited to start over at Bernardo. He is currently working at Cal State Fullerton to finish his degree in communications with public regulations. 

In an interview with the Matador Messenger, when asked if he had any experiences he had to take this new role at BYMS he stated “I enjoy the youth and I’ve always been a coach and have worked for many different camps and the city of Yorba Linda.”
A few more questions asked throughout the interview included his challenges encountered during this school year where he states, he feels so welcomed and warm while being the new guy on campus. He feels awarded for being interviewed on his first day by the Matador Messenger. He has high energy for this school year and thanks BYMS for being so welcoming.

He also has goals for his students at Bernardo. He plans on encouraging his students to apply goals for themselves. His personal goal for himself is to help his students through any hardships. Phil wants his students to look at him as someone they can come to to solve emotional or physical problems. He looks for his students to be their best selves. Outside of Bernardo Phil entertains himself through basketball. Not only does he play basketball, but he also watches it and has coached it. He also spends time with his daughter when he has free time. 

Finally he advises his students to believe in themselves and that many things that they experience now won’t define who they are. Phil concluded this interview with a quote from John Wooden which stated “failure to prepare is preparing to fail.” In all, Bernardo Yorba welcomes Phil Streeter as their new campus supervisor.