Mr. Maes, BYMS Vice Principal

Mr. Maes, BYMS Vice Principal

Mr. Jeffrey Maes is an assistant principal at BYMS. He got his master’s teaching degree at Cal State Fullerton. Now he works here at BYMS as an amazing vice principal, and this is his sixteenth year teaching.

Mr. Maes always had a passion for teaching. In college, he became a wrestling coach, and after that, he realized how much he loved teaching. He became a teacher at Covina High School for nine years after that. He then realized that he wanted to affect kids’ lives in different ways and became a vice principal here. Originally, Maes dreamed of becoming either a police officer or a teacher. He even got a degree in criminal justice. What made him want to be a teacher, however, was his wrestling career. Mr. Maes was a very successful wrestler, and he even won the California state championship his senior year of High School. Once he realized how much he loved teaching, he became a teacher instead of a cop.

“The things I can’t control I’m not going to spend time worrying about. I can control my attitude, my effort, and my focus every single day. Those things are the things I’m going to worry about”, said Tim Tebow. 

Mr. Maes says this quote helps him guide his career at BYMS. He wishes for students to all get along with each other. “Always be kind to each other, help one another out”. Mr. Maes loved middle school, and he says that it would probably be one of his favorite years of education.

Mrs. Fisher thinks Mr. Maes is an amazing assistant principal. “Mr. Maes balances me out”, she says. “I’m like a hyper person, and he has a cool and calm personality, so he helps to balance me out”. They have been working together for three whole years, and Mrs. Fisher enjoys having him by.

Maes enjoys doing activities when not working, especially with his family. They like to go on trips together and do activities such as hiking, snowboarding, and design projects with wood. He stated he especially likes to have fun with his kids.

Mr. Maes believes it is important for students to be connected to school experiences. He explained, “The experiences that they go through make them like being there.’’ He added that the more involved students are with a school, the more they will probably enjoy it.

 Mr. Maes also has some advice for students to help them be successful in the future. “Always put in your best effort and never give up no matter what.”