BYMS Girls Crimson Team Takes Second Place in the Middle School Volleyball Tournament


B. Fisher

The BYMS Girls Crimson team took second place in the PYLUSD middle school volleyball tournament held at Esperanza High School on October 15.

All teams in the tournament played three thirteen-minute matches. The winning teams moved on to compete against each other.

BYMS was represented in the tournament by three girls’ teams and two boys’ teams. All teams had attended biweekly practices from September 14 to October 14. Practices focused on skill-building and technique with Coach Torres and Coach Villasenor. While in the tournament, Mrs. Torres was in the main gym with the boys’ teams and Mrs. Villasenor was in the practice gym with the girls’ teams.

The Girls Crimson team included the following players: Sarah Abraham, Valeria Diaz, Braylene Easley, Mia Gonzales, Sierra Prater, Angelina Saavedra, Jackalynne Shappi, Chloe Su, Grace Sulik, Maxine Trigg, Rebecca Wilson, and Natalie Zaragoza.

They played three games before heading into the championship, rotating while in-game, allowing all members to have a chance to play. 

BYMS eighth-grader, Natalie Zaragoza, stated in an interview with the Matador Messenger when asked what   challenges she faced, stated, “ The challenge I faced in volleyball was hitting the ball right.” Although she did enjoy watching the other schools play and serving the ball, she also added, “ What I enjoyed most is watching other schools play volleyball. I had the most fun at serving the ball and watching others play.”

Valerie Diaz, another member of the team mentioned that,” …some challenges I faced were serving,” but she feels happy that they made it so far.

After making three wins, they headed into the championship which began at 5:45. 

“…When we finally heard that our team made it, well, you could probably hear us from across the campus. We were so happy, we jumped, screamed, and cheered…” Jackalynne Shappi, a member of the Girls Crimson team stated in an interview with the Matador Messenger

Their last game was played against Yorba Linda Middle School. Although they did not win, both their coaches are so proud of the team and their great teamwork throughout the match.

Mrs. Torres, one of the coaches stated, “ I am so proud of all of our teams.  They did an amazing job participating and working together as a team! “ She also mentioned that she , “was so excited that one of our teams represented our school in the championship round.  They did amazing and they should all be proud of their efforts. They played against a tough team.”

Mrs. Villasenor also mentioned that all teams did amazing, showing great sportsmanship and cheering each other on. “I was so proud of the Crimson girls team! The girls showed up and showed out.  They were positive and had fun cheering on each other and ensuring that each player received playtime by rotating in. Their energy was high and their OLE shined bright.”

From the bus ride there to the bus ride back, there was energy and excitement everywhere.

I loved all the spirit and energy that everyone had. It was so fun to clap, cheer, and just have fun in general. I liked cheering on my teammates and school, and I also liked getting cheered on and supported. Another thing that was super fun was the bus ride to and from the tournament, people sang and talked, and it was super enjoyable and was as fun as a hot bus ride can be,” Jackalynne Shappi mentioned.

Even though they might not have won the trophy, some of the members still wish to continue volleyball. 

I’m considering continuing volleyball throughout high school.” Natallie Zaragoza stated.

Jackalynne Shappi also indicated that she will consider playing volleyball in high school. “Actually, yes I am!” Explained Shappi,  “I was originally planning on playing on the Esperanza Aquatics Girls Team, but after joining and playing volleyball with Bernardo, I have decided to continue with volleyball through high school and maybe college too!”