Bernardo Yorba Enforces “No Phone Ban”


With the new school year, new rules have been put in place, one of these rules is the “No Phone Ban.” This ban has caused quite a bit of controversy around campus due to students being upset about the recent ban on phones. The no phone ban was originally put in place to encourage the students to engage with one another, but after a string of wrongdoings in the Bernardo Yorba community, the no phone ban was extended. 

“I think that it’s a good idea because a lot of people are distracted in class, but I also think that it was a little skeptical because I know a lot of students would never use their phones in class when they are not supposed to when there may be students that do, it still feels a little thoughtless.” says a student at Bernardo Yorba.  Many students have taken a problem with the no phone ban policy due to the inability to use their phones.

 Mrs. Fisher the principal of Bernardo Yorba states, “How schools handle phone use varies, there are school districts that don’t allow the use of phones. Students legally have a right, but they aren’t legally allowed to use them on campus grounds. The main reason why this started was because of the lack of communication.” 

Instead of viewing it as a no phone ban, Mrs. Fisher instead suggests people view it as a no phone zone. According to Mrs. Fisher, Tik Tok and the other instances within the BeYorba Community fall under the umbrella of the no phone ban, rather than being the cause. 

Students now are able to use their phones at lunch, along with the ability to re-earn their phones for snack and passing periods.