Mr. Shen Elects Delany Bojorquez as Student of the Week


“Delaney always puts in the extra work in the work she does, not only to get a good grade that to really understand the lesson being taught,” said Mr. Shen about Delany Bojorquez, BYMS eighth-grader selected for Social Studies as a Student of the Week.” 

Delaney’s response to becoming student of the week was, “I was very thankful for being picked for student of the week”. “I love Mr. Shen’s class a lot so I am happy I got picked.”

Mr. Shen also stated that he appreciates Delany’s willingness to ask questions, “Delaney is not afraid to ask questions to clarify a point or to make sure she understands” noted Mr. Shen.

Delany does find that the social studies test in class challenging but she likes the way Mr. Shen uses Quizizz. Delany states, “ I like the Quizizz he gives us, it helps me understand the topic more. I also just like how much Mr.Shen puts all his effort into the class to help us.”

Delany said that what she appreciates most about Mr. Shen is his teaching style. She stated “I love Mr.Shen’s teaching style and which makes the class more fun. I also love the activities he gives us for each test.”

In turn, Mr. Shen stated that Delany “stands out” because she is “ kind and courteous and she takes extra steps to make sure that her work is done well”. 

When not in school Delany enjoys dancing in her free time “I have been dancing since I was 18 months and do it for 20 hours a week.”

Congratulations, Delany Bojorquez, for being selected as “BYMS student of the week for social studies!