BYMS Holds Their First In-Person Assembly Since 2019

BYMS Holds Their First In-Person Assembly Since 2019

BYMS honored the 20th anniversary of 911 in its first post hybrid learning in-person assembly.

BYMS’s principal, Mrs. Fisher, feels that the assembly went very well and that the message of 911 got through to the students. ASB and peer leadership shared a video regarding 911. The students were paying very close attention to get a deeper understanding of the 911 message. 

ASB and Peer Leadership helped run that assembly. Mrs. Fisher feels that they did an amazing job. ASB and Peer Leadership ran a very organized assemble and planned in advance to make sure that they were ready for anything. The only thing she thinks that ASB and Peer Leadership could improve on was their natural leadership skills and their teamwork.

The assembly had multiple games that ASB ran. The audience was very engaged. Mrs. Fisher said that Peer Leadership really helped encourage students to raise their hands and participate, and once one student did, multiple people followed. As Mrs. Fisher said, “Beyorba stands united as a community to have fun and work as a team.”

Overall our first assembly since 2019 was a great success. Students at BYMS took this assembly as a lesson, and will never forget it. BYMS will prepare for many more assemblies in the future.