BYMS Elects A New ASB Office


Alexander Bartolo

BYMS elected their new ASB office viia digital polls, they elected a new president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer on September 17 2021, 


When asked who inspires him,Noah Lemmon, the president, expressed how his family is his main inspiration. Additionally, he stated that “I wanted to prove that I can commit to something, and that I can achieve what I put my mind to.”It is safe to say that we made a good choice for president. So now that he has actually been elected, what are his plans for our year? 


Well, when asked exactly that he stated “I want to make the lunch line more efficient to give people more time to eat and talk to friends, to make the school more inviting to all people, and to include everyone.” In this personal interview, President Lemmon wanted to make it clear that he is …thankful for everyone that voted for him, and he will make sure that all those votes don’t go to waste.”“Alone we can do so little; Together we can do so much”…a quote from Helen Keller which Noah lives by, and it is true.


The new ASB vice president, Bryson Barbour, stated he …”was inspired to run for Vice President because (he) has been devoted to running for the position since quarantine last year.” He was determined to help lead this school year to be the best year he could possibly make it. He plans on organizing fun activities and bringing everyone together and ensuring that everyone feels like they belong. He thanks everyone for electing him and is very excited for the job and promises to not let anyone down.


The new secretary in office is Katherine Farer. In an interview with the Matador Messenger Katherine Farer explained “I felt like I needed to take an active role within my school community to make BYMS a better learning environment for everyone.” when asked what inspired her to run for her position. 


She was also asked what her plans for the school were, and she said “My plans for school are that school can be a place for everyone to feel welcome, have fun, to feel safe, and be able to learn.” Finally, in her interview with the Matador Messenger, she explained her philosophy. “I value the three core values of BYMS which are Own, Lead, and Empower because I own my responsibility to give back to my school community, I lead with a positive attitude, and I empower others to do the same.”


The final position elected was the treasurer, which was achieved by Ethan Christensen. He mentioned he was inspired to run for treasurer because he wanted to “help my fellow ASB students plan fun activities. I believed that my ideas would help the overall experience of my peers in the 2021-2022 school year.” He plans on listening to fellow classmates and peers to see their visions to be able to make those visions possible with his position. Finally, he would like to make his stance clear on the situation. He cannot stress this enough: ”…drugs aren’t cool guys.”


Be sure to be on the lookout for new activities from our Bernardo Yorba ASB cabinet in the future, and remember everyone, have a great rest of the day! The choice is yours!