Bernado’s LGBTQ+ Club to Reopen


“Students feel isolated, so students can get together and talk about it,” stated Mrs. Shah, special education teacher and sponsor of the BYMS LGBTQ+ club in an interview with the Matador Messenger. 

Shah added that the club will be a “student-centered experience (s), a week on campus celebrating pride and raising money for an organization, something students can enjoy. ” Club meeting dates, which are yet to be determined,  will consist of student-centered experiences. 

The LGBTQ+ club will intend on sending money to fundraisers to support those in the LGBTQ+ community. Plans have also been made to have a week dedicated to LGBTQ+ pride in the hopes of spreading campus awareness, according to Shah. 

 LGBTQ+ club will be a safe place to share experiences and shed light on misconceptions.  This club plans on making a positive change on campus.  

Mrs. Shah opened up about how it was like to start such a new and personal club.“Administration is very supportive, they understand the value so I am very grateful.”

When asked if homophobia ever has created friction for the club, Mrs. Shah responded by saying “Yes,  there has not been much publicity in previous years, it has been a bigger issue, something I think is beneficial to have this club and provide information.

 When the club opens, Ms. Shah has a few plans for the year. For pride month, Ms. Shah enjoys going to the pride festivals and hopes to hold something similar like a week of activities that the students organize for pride month.