Matador Messenger Overview


The Matador Messenger is the first Placentia Yorba Linda Unified SNO newspaper and the first SNO middle school online newspaper in Orange County. Led by ELA teacher Mrs. Perez for over 9 years, the Matador Messenger is the official newspaper of Bernardo Yorba Middle School with an average worldwide readership of over 8,000 monthly. Let’s take a dive into the dynamics of the Matador Messenger.


To begin with, the staff operated by dividing into separate groups, each consisting of one mentor and approximately 4-6 reporters. As a result of the pandemic this school year, each group met in an assigned breakout room on zoom for assistance from their mentors as well as collaboration of ideas. Staff can choose to be independent in their writing or paired with other reporters, though each reporter is required to complete a minimum of 3 articles per Quarter.


At the beginning of the school year, Mrs. Perez trained new reporters to write articles and find reliable sources to support their claims and evidence. “My goals for my students include having them learn to interview adults and students, gather information, and write a news story that follows the journalism guidelines that is accurate, informative, and interesting,” she stated in an interview with the Matador Messenger.


What makes the Matador Messenger unique is the creative freedom every reporter has. They have the ability to write whatever they want, however they want, and with whoever they want. It’s an experience only accessible in the newspaper. There’s never a limit to the options you have in this class.


For Mrs. Perez, watching students publish articles for a world-wide audience is the most rewarding thing of all. She concluded, “Watching a student reporter publish a well written article and have it read worldwide is an amazing process for myself, the student, and their families… I stay busy outside of school with all of their activities. I also love finding new topics for my reporters.”