Mrs. Masone Hosted Chalk Art Contest for BYMS Art Students


BYMS art teacher Mrs. Masone has organized a Chalk Art Contest for Advanced Art students throughout the week of June 7 – 11. The theme of this year’s chalk art is summer. “Together, we have persevered through these tough times,” Mrs. Masone explained in an interview with the Matador Messenger, “The chalk art is a way for us to celebrate all our hard work and enjoy time with family/friends on summer break!”.


While the Chalk Art Contest will take place during 7th period Advanced Art, students from Beginning Art classes have the opportunity to participate as well. Mrs. Masone stated, “One student even extended the invite to other friends who are not in art classes. They will work on it during break and lunch!”. Advanced Art students will participate individually or in small groups of 3. Currently, there is a total of 18 groups.


With the assistance of Mr. Kish, activities director at BYMS, the school has taped out a space on the walkway from the front of the library to the quad area for students to create their chalk art. Throughout the activity, students were welcome to bring knee pads as well as their own chalk (Red, Green, Yellow, and White), though all the materials will be provided by Mrs. Masone. Students were also allowed to use water and blending for their chalk art.


The Chalk Art Contest encourages art students to learn to collaborate on ideas and expand on their creativity while simultaneously experimenting with art skills such as chalk techniques and craftsmanship (blending/rendering). Mrs. Masone encourages her students to “focus on light, texture, and color to create an aesthetically pleasing design”. Their artist of study for this activity is David Zinn, a street artist who illustrates imaginary creatures.


During the last week of school, BYMS teachers, staff, and students will act as judges to vote on their favorite chalk art designs. Top three winners will receive prizes that include canvas, art supplies, candy, and more.


Chalk art is a great way to use your imagination and creativity with very inexpensive art materials,” Mrs. Masone concluded, “Everybody can view this artwork (you don’t have to enter a gallery to see beautiful works of art), and this work is temporary- it washes away in the rain and new creations can be created on another sunny day!”.