BYMS Yearbook Staff Innovates with Dedications and BeYou Submissions


Photograph Courtesy of Coen Ali

” Our 2020-2021 yearbook is something completely different from any other year because this is such a different year, with Covid, remote learning, hybrid learning, zoom, and the list goes on. Our staff has had to adapt our approach to this year’s publication,” stated Christine Perez, BYMS yearbook advisor. 

“We don’t have group photos for clubs or classes so we have created a focus on what students are doing individually by using ‘BeYou’ Submission’ forms.”

Perez also explained that the yearbook staff has created a publication that documents how we adapted at school and at home.” We want our students to share their yearbooks five, ten, twenty years down the road with family and friends and say ‘ This is what happened. This is how we adapted”

Also, while mask-wearing has been essential to our safety on campus, it does not make for great candid photos. Our photographers have had to be more creative than ever to catch the emotions of everyday student life. 

Besides our own photographers, Mrs. Fisher and Mr. Shen have taken some excellent photos that we are using. The math and science department teachers were really helpful in allowing us to poll students for our pandemic pie charts. Mr. Brett Riley, Herff Jones yearbook representative, gave assistance every Tuesday to the staff. 

 Our Herff-Jones representative, Mr. Brett Riley, has been tremendously helpful. He has visited us via Zoom each Tuesday, guiding students with their layouts, and helping us to find our “inspirations” for our theme. Just when our staff was setting into production and became trained in E-Design, they informed us that Adobe Flash was no longer supporting our Herff-Jones platform. As a result, we had to adjust and learn to use Citrix. 

What has been most essential this year is creating connections for stories and content despite the distance of remote and hybrid learning. We want to make sure that we include as many students as possible in our yearbook even if they remain at home to learn. All the on-campus events we usually cover only returned partially during our third “first day of school” on April 19. 

Fortunately, we have a really dedicated and talented yearbook staff. Nia Gille and Rylie Whittaker are returning staff members and have been key in our process. 

We also have several seventh graders who have really risen to the top in terms of leadership including Alex Gavrilovic, Ava Sadler, Finley Ali, Lauren Holdeman, McKenna Maloof, Sophie Asai,  Allyson George, and Hannah Anca, to name a few.” I am so proud of how this year’s staff has adjusted and developed solutions to some fairly complex situations,” added Perez.