BYMS Eighth Grade Promotion Ceremony Scheduled


“In terms of an 8th grade dedication, we will definitely have to make adjustments for this year, so I am all ears about what you feel would honor our incredible 8th graders,” BYMS Principal Beth Fisher stated in an interview with the Matador Messenger. As of now, eighth grade promotion is planned to be held live at Shapell Stadium at Yorba Linda High School with a live-stream. Following COVID-19 guidelines determined by California Department of Public Health and the OCHCA.  

With a commitment to all state and local health and safety guidelines at the forefront of our minds, we will move forward with traditional promotion ceremonies with a limited number of spectators per student and live streaming,” PYLUSD Superintendent Dr. Linda Adamson said in a letter to all 8th grade families. 

PYLUSD is offering two forms of promotion this year. 8th grade students will either attend an in-person socially distanced promotion at Nathan Shapell Stadium at YLHS with limited capacity, or a drive through promotion at their main office. “For students and families that may feel out of their comfort zone participating in this event, an alternative drive up/walk through promotion ceremony option will be offered for each school at the district office in Placentia.” stated Dr. Linda Adamson.

The number of spectators will vary from school to school and numbers can change in the time until promotion. “Eighth graders, staff members, and spectators will be invited to attend a physically-distanced ceremony.” stated Dr. Adamson. There will also be additional spectators via a high speed livestream, attending from their homes. 

“Once again, we thank you for your continued support as we plan these memorable promotion ceremonies for our PYLUSD eighth grade students and families.” PYLUSD is happy to be able to recognize their eighth-graders hard work and dedication throughout these very difficult times.