Chercian and Seitz Select Valeria Flores and Ishmaijit Singh as “Avid Students of the Week”


Valeria Flores and Ishmajit Singh have been chosen by Mr. Seitz and Ms. Cherchian as the Students of the Week for AVID (Advanced Via Individual Determination).  

Ms. Chercian chose a seventh-grade student,  Ishmatjit Sing (Ish), for her AVID student of the week. In an interview with the Matador Messenger, Ms. Chercian states, “Ish always comes in with a positive attitude, takes academic risks, and is always up for a challenge.” Ms. Chercian states that Ish always goes above and beyond with all of his assignments and that he always finds a way to incorporate his personality into his work.

Ish states, “I was amazed, I usually never get an award and If I do, it’s far and few in between.” Ish appreciates Ms. Chercian’s teaching style. He states that Ms. Cherchian is very kind and that she encourages everybody to succeed and he can feel it in her class.

 Ms. Cherchian says that Ish is a role model for others in many ways. However, what makes him stand out the most is his “…positive attitude and his willingness to always accept a challenge.”

Mr. Seitz, the other AVID teacher, chose eighth-grader Valeria Flores as the second Student of the Week. He said in an interview with the Matador Messenger, “Valeria is an exemplary study. She completes all that is needed, does it exceptionally thoroughly, and is a person who participates and contributes consistently.” 

When interviewed, Valeria stated that she was very surprised she won. “I was shocked and I felt good, it’s not every day that you get chosen to be recognized for your work. I felt flattered and glad.”

Valeria explained that she enjoys all of the activities they do because they help her to recognize what she is struggling in and what she does well in. They also help her preparation, and organization skills. Some challenging parts of AVID are writing in the agenda and staying organized, states Valeria. “It is a pandemic and sometimes the stress of that can affect you in ways where you are a mess. It’s hard to stay on top of the game and let a class keep you in check.”

According to Mr. Seitz, Valeria is a great role model for other students. “Valeria is really a ‘go-getter’. She is the first to volunteer to present in Tutorials, she participates well in our daily warm-ups and does not miss an assignment. She demonstrates what AVID is all about.”

Valeria really appreciates Mr. Seitz as a teacher. She stated, “Mr. Seitz is an amazing teacher, I appreciate the ways he’s trying to teach in this global crisis. He tries to have his students work on paper as much as possible. Then other than that, he is really passionate about his work, he makes sure all his students understand his teachings. He’s really understanding towards students and hopes he makes them as comfortable as possible.”

The AVID students of the week were chosen for their hard work and dedication to their academics. Outside of school, Valeria enjoys playing volleyball, listening to music, playing on her Xbox, and reading. Ish enjoys playing video games, his favorite being ROBLOX.